Accounting, Tax & Numbers

Running a business is challenging. Taking care of the accounting, bookkeeping, tax and  financial management of the company on your own is frustrating and exhausting! You need a good accountant, one who you can also act as your trusted business adviser.


Why your business needs a good accountant

Don’t be fooled in thinking accounting is just crunching numbers and filing a yearly tax return. A qualified business accountant’s expertise lies in their ability to analyse and interpret financial and non-financial information to show you, the business owner, where your company stands now and its future direction.


When do I need an accountant?
An accountant’s in-depth financial knowledge will set you on the path to success, ultimately saving you time and money and helping you avoid making costly mistakes.
You need an accountant from the very beginning before you start or buy a business, right through to the day you exit or  sell the business.

Before you start-up or buy a business
It may seem too soon but if you’re thinking about starting a business make sure to speak to an accountant. An accountant can give you the numbers and data you need to develop a solid business plan and make important decisions- things like choosing the best structure for the business, advising the amount of working capital or helping you obtain funding for the business.


If you’re buying an existing business, having an expert look into the accounts, check for outstanding debt and conduct financial due diligence can give you confidence in your decisions.

To handle the financial management of your existing business

Being a business owner doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely everything on your own.

Handling complex and time consuming tasks over to a professional is a smart move.

Your accountant can assist with a broad range of financial management issues from cash flow, payroll and record keeping to estate planning, strategic planning, budgeting, tax, compliance and more.

To help take your business to the next level

It’s easy for business owners to get caught up in the day-to-day running of their company and lose sight of the long term vision.

If you want to expand and grow your business, utilising the expertise of a good accountant can deliver the fresh approach and strategies to innovate, invest or expand.

Or perhaps your business is growing at a rapid pace.

Why Bookkeeping is vital for small business

You probably don’t enjoy doing your books. That’s ok, there’s a whole profession out there dedicated to doing them for you. Bookkeepers are extremely important and go hand-in-hand with good accounting. Our small business packages incorporate bookkeeping services because we understand the importance of keeping on top of your financial records.


Find the right accountant and you will never need to worry about the financial management of your business again.

Frustrated your current accountant isn’t growing their business but telling you how to grow yours? It could be time for change.

Otium is an 11-year-old chartered accounting firm however, we’ve moved away from the outdated accounting model which painfully sees customers billed in six-minute increments.

Our goal is to add value to your business in a way that you simply haven’t experienced before.

We get business because we are in the business of building our business!

Check out our small business packages, we’ve bundled our accounting, bookkeeping and financial services into one package to deliver everything a small business owner need, all in the one place.