Grow My Business

As a business owner do you get lost in the world of advice, marketing, technology, accounting, bookkeeping to a point you can’t get any traction in growing the business? Do you get frustrated with telling your personal and business story to different professional groups, all of which have different ideas on what your best strategy which is often tied to their own business outcome and not yours? Otium have solved your problem. Not having your your business plan on the one platform for you and experts to access is the fundamental reason your current strategy is not working. Otium has grown over 300% in three years and we know how to keep you accountable so you can too. ­

Review Your Position

Got 16 minutes spare? That is how long it takes for us to diagnose your pain points and apply our critical thinking to your future business growth. You won’t need to send us reports, financials and credit card details. Just click here to get a time to hold us accountable to your business growth. ­

Leverage ­ The Basics

If you are not using technology to its full advantage, you are leaving money on the table. At one stage Otium had over 40 different software applications all supposed to be helping us grow our business, in the end all they did was cloud our ability to expand and cost us a packet in monthly subscriptions. Sound like you too? Good, lets chat. (leads to calendar for 16 minute call)

­ Steering the Ship (C­Suite)

Want to find business coaching with actual results? There are no ‘shingle on the wall’ coaches at Otium. We are busy running and growing our business by over 300% in 3 years and have documented what has worked, and more importantly for you, what hasn’t. You have a great business but need expert help, our CEO, CFO and CIO are ready to keep you accountable.