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Property Investment

Otium group is an award-winning team made up of Financial Planners, Chartered Accountants, Insurance Specialists and SMSF Administration experts, all working under the one roof to deliver the necessary elements needed to successfully buy property using superannuation. We do not sell or broker property. The advice we give is independent and unbiased. We advise and implement throughout to make your property investing experience simple.


Property, Super, Simple

Using superannuation to build a property portfolio is an increasingly popular strategy for building wealth for retirement.

For those who go at it alone, investing inside superannuation can be a complex and time-consuming process!

Our team of SMSF professionals have developed and perfected a simple, 4-stage process which covers all of the key ingredients you need to successfully use your superannuation to build a property portfolio.

These key ingredients include sound advice from the following professionals;

    • Financial Planner
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Accountant
    • Insurance Specialist
    • Lawyer/Conveyancer
    • Administration Specialist

Combine Otium’s streamlined approach to property in super with our complete package  service offering to make your experience as simple as possible.


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Property Hotspots

Searching for the right property can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

At Otium, we don’t sell property but our professionals work alongside investors every day and can lend you their unbiased insight.
After working with over 800 clients and assisting them with developing and implementing their property investing strategies we know a thing or two about top performing areas and market trends.

If you need help cutting through the overload of data and hype we can point you in the right direction and connect you with the best experts in the industry to deliver the data, knowledgy or education you need to make an informed decision and uncover suburbs with real property investment potential.


Starting Out

New to the property investing game but unsure of where to start? We’re here to help you get ahead.

Our financial planning team can work with you right from the beginning to identify what you want to achieve and a plan to get you moving towards your financial goals, from getting your finances sorted, securing the right loan, tax advice, consolidating debt, strategy, outlining potential risk and all of those grey areas in between.

money pie chartManaged Investment Services

Not all wealth is built from property. We can show you a complete range of managed funds and direct share investments to compliment your overall wealth plan.



Personal Insurance

Life insurance is a no­brainer. We all want to protect our financial future and loved ones but identifying the right types and amount of cover to take out can get complicated.

Our insurance specialists are qualified financial planners and their goal is to safeguard your investment, your family, and your financial future through quality strategic advice.

We’re here to assess your current cover, explain your options, compare costs and products, help you decide if it’s cost-effective to hold life insurance in or out of super and assist you through the process of making a claim if the need arises.