Phishing email fix

Phishing email fix

After a recent rise in Phishing emails where the branding of common corporate business like Origin Energy, MYOB, ASIC, Telstra, ATO and GoVIA have been used to trick users into clicking and downloading malicious files portrayed as invoices and fines – The Otium Technology team has created a method to ensure the file stored inside the ZIP file can not do any harm.

The fix itself is actually quite simple – make a system change to every computer so that javascript files open using notepad.

The first change that might be noticed is the icon – but this will only apply should you be tricked into downloading one of these files.


The next visible difference is after opening the file – it will look like garbage. Here’s an example:




As the file can now only be displayed as text, it becomes benign and no longer poses a risk to your systems.

For more info on this method of attack checkout these Mailguard blogs:

Author: Shaun Atkinson

Shaun is the head of engineering at OtiumTech. He is passionate about Cyber-Security and finding ways to push SME’s forwards into new technologies.