Start a Business


Where do I start?

Ask any successful small business owner what it was like starting out and they’ll tell you starting a business is exciting, daunting but also highly rewarding!  Majority will also most likely tell you about how they spent countless hours consulting with several professionals to ensure each step they took and every decision they made was based on sound advice in order to avoid the stress and heartache of making costly foundational mistakes.


If you’ve got a business idea you’re passionate about bringing to life but need guidance on how to get your idea off the ground and on the right path to success, you want the best brains in accounting, financial planning, technology and marketing behind you every step of the way to lean on for advice and support.



There is an overwhelmingly long list of things you need to tackle in the initial stages and the decisions you make will set the foundations for your business.


Your to-do list at the very beginning can look like the following:

  • Develop a Business plan
  • Secure funding for your business
  • Get your personal finances in order
  • Choose your business structure and type
  • Complete paperwork for registrations and licences
  • Understand business accounting and tax obligations
  • Insurance
  • Create your website
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Implement software and technology- what systems, software and processes are best for your business to deliver optimal efficiency 


The list goes on and this is only the first stage! New challenges will continue to arise every day and test you as a business leader as your venture continues to grow and evolve.

Doing it all on your own is stressful. We know because we started Otium Group from scratch. With the combined expertise of our accounting, finance and technology team, we grew our business by 300% in three years.


Start with Strategy

Strategy is what keeps business owners and entrepreneurs focused, on track and moving towards the vision you set out to achieve.



We know a thing or two about building successful businesses and our accounting and advice team have worked with hundreds of other small business owners through all of the ups and downs of owning a company. Our team of professionals have worked alongside many entrepreneurs and leaders to help them develop and identify the most appropriate strategies to achieve their desired outcomes.


What we found was an opportunity to make it super simple and convenient for busy small business owners to access the accounting, bookkeeping, business advice, financial planning, IT and marketing advice and strategies they need to make informed decisions from the one place- The Otium Platform.





Are you ready to unleash your business?



Don’t let a lack of time, resources or knowledge hold you back from starting a business and achieving your goals.


Everything you need to get started and grow your business to reach its ultimate potential can be found on the Otium Platform:


Foundation– The basics to get your business going


Momentum– For established small businesses in need of a boost to take it to the next level


Boosted– The ultimate bundle of accounting, marketing and technology strategies. Includes C-suite mastermind access.


Each package includes a membership to our exclusive online small business community. No matter what industry you’re in, surrounding yourself with like-minded, success-driven individuals, for support and to share stories, ideas and inspiration is an invaluable resource for anyone in business.